Direct National Helping Out Our Communities

Direct National donates to Burragah Kindy as part of a celebration of the 30th Anniversary of National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day!

As a strong believer in, every student deserves the right to an education with necessary resources, Direct National has  made the seemingly impossible, possible by donating a 65″ Interactive Panel to Burragah Kindy. Kim Harper (Director of Burragah Kindy) biggest wish was to have more technology resources. Kim acknowledges the growth in interactive technology within education and wants to provide that advanced step forward for her students; Now with Direct Nationals donation Kim has that technological advantage and can step forward and continue to focus on preparing and educating her students with the help of interactive technology.

Beenleigh State School Reference

As a major supplier for Queensland Schools, Direct National is dedicated to making sure there Direct National experience is nothing short of going beyond expectations.


Here is yet another school that has worked with Direct National for many years now and as you will read many more years to come.

Direct National’s Working with Freshwater State School

At the end of 2017, Freshwater State School updated their hall projector system with Direct National. In their newsletter you can see that the newly installed projector configuration is being thoroughly used to better embrace school functions and engage its audience’s.


For more information or to get an overview of the most suitable set up for your school hall please call through and speak to our friendly Audio Visual team on


1800 818 582

Direct National’s 19th Year with QASSP

It’s Phil MacPhail your Audio Visual Business partner here!

I stood out front at the recent QASSP branch presidents meeting at Belise and was introduced to you all for the 19th time. I must say that that in itself is a stand out performance! Looking around the room I recognised just over half the group this year. You can imagine over my time with QASSP I have dealt with five QASSP Presidents, namely Tom Hardy, Tony McRuther, Norm Hart, Michael Fay and now Leslie Single. I have also seen a lot of members go into retirement, start their new role as a Principal and get transferred all around the state. I’m lucky to say that I have forged some really good friendships over the last 19 years. I am now hoping, with your continued support that we can make it to 20 years in 2019.

I would like to personally visit as many branches as possible this year, albeit that’s a big task. I would appreciate if you could advise me of your branch meeting schedules for this year so we can work together and bring along a lot of our new products for the group to see. We are now at the forefront of STEM and have many products which have been aligned to the Australian Curriculum to make it easier to purchase. Don’t forget your STEM grants need to be spent somewhere.

We are also conducting Conferences around the State on “how to create a STEM precinct in your school”. I can discuss holding one of these in your area if you are interested.

I really appreciate your support. Our financial contributions to QASSP are significant each year and on top of that, we support the QLD State School Education Community in many ways. So it is important that we work together to keep this alive. Our product range is more than current and presents as good or better than our competitors, none of which provide the financial support that we do to the QLD school community.

The enormous PRODUCT GIVEAWAY is on again at the State COMBINED CONFERENCE, later this year. You don’t have to wait to get into the draw so please communicate to your IT, Deputy and BSM’S as to who we are and stress how important it is to ensure we are included in  buying decisions. Unfortunately many members forget to do this. I can personally guarantee our products and their value, in which will stand up to any test. I have been doing this now for 21 years for our Schools.

All the best for 2018, it’s already moving too fast.


Interactive LED Touch Panels VS Interactive Whiteboards

With technology continually updating and changing it is fair to say we can all get a little overwhelmed with the options available on the market.

How do you decide what technology you need?

When do you upgrade your existing technology?

When it comes to efficiency, productivity and engagement levels. You really should consider integrating a Interactive LED touch panel into your classroom, meeting room or office environment.

Lets have a look at the comparisons between the Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) technology and the new Interactive LED touch panel technology.

Interactive whiteboards were a fantastic piece of equipment when they launched. This was the beginning of interactive learning.  The level of student engagement increased as students were able to physically participate and interact with the teachers and the learning material on the whiteboard.

Fast forward to 2016 and the Interactive LED Touch Panel is well establish and started to take over the Interactive Technology market. These panels not only look the part, they don’t have the same ongoing costs of the IWB. For instance, an Interactive Whiteboard would require yearly bulb replacement, calibration, and filter cleaning making it more hands on for the teachers and IT departments at schools. Not to mention getting up on ladders and taking the machines down to fix and clean.

The anti-glare technology on the Interactive Touch panels allows teachers to teach in a well lit environment. As far as cleaning goes, you need a damp cloth to remove finger prints. That is all! Oh did I mention the IWB usually required the rooms to be blacked out to reduce glare?

The Interactive LED Touch Panels are as easy to use as your standard Televisions. Plug-in and play. There are various screen sizes available, wall mounts and electronic mobile trolleys. Making it easy for you to integrate this new smart technology into your environment.

Usually you will upgrade your technology when your existing products no longer perform they way they once did, or your current running costs exceed the outlay to purchase the latest technology.

We offer a TRADE UP program. Where you get a discount with your upgrade to a new Interactive LED Touch Panel and we take your old IWB off your hands, dismantle and dispose of in an environmentally conscious process.

Contact us today for a no obligation test drive of our panels!

(07) 3352 4222


We are celebrating 20 years, thanks for your support!

During 2016 we are celebrating a huge milestone… Two decades providing high quality products into the Australian market. Since we opened our doors in 1996 our product range has continually expanded. We listen to our customers and provide solutions to accompany the growth and changes of all business’.

We would like to thank you – our loyal customers. With your support and commitment to buy from an Australian owned business has enabled our every success.

Asking our director, Phil Macphail

What is the key to keeping a successful business running for 20 years?

Our great customer service of course! We ensure no matter how small the job, the same high level of communication is administered throughout everything we do. It is the little personal differences which help us stand out in the market place – maintaining our relationships with long standing customers, shaking their hands, going the extra mile time and time again. All the little pieces all add up to provide the ultimate experience.

After all, it is the faces behind the brand, the staff you work with in our office who bring it all together.

Why use Direct National?

We work together as a team, from your first contact with us, right through to integrating the new equipment into your daily routine. Our product line is tailored to support your day-to-day jobs.

If there is a process or task you repeatidly do, or you are looking to enhance your job – we are here to make easier!

So here is to the next 20 years…

Thank you for all your support!

Direct National Wins Gold Award for 2014

Direct National recognised for service excellence in the 2014 Australian Business Quality Awards

Strong focus on customer satisfaction leads Direct National to win the Gold Award.

Direct National, achieved the esteemed Australian Business Quality Award for successfully adhering to its high service standards and going beyond year, the Australian Business Quality Awards acknowledges enterprises that exhibit outstanding service levels as assessed by their customers. The organisation measures businesses against a range of internationally-recognised principles of best practice in customer service.

The Australian Business Quality Awards aim to raise the bar in customer service by encouraging businesses to be the best at what they do and rewarding those who excel in their respective fields. Open to any enterprise, regardless of its size and the nature of its business, the awards evaluate how effective an enterprise is in performing against its own and best practice customer service standards.

According to the organisation, “Customers always look for the best service, which positively impacts the business in various facets, from recall to word of mouth and repeat business that all affect the bottom line.

The awards not only give the business the recognition it deserves but also identify aspects that surpass customer expectations and those that have room for improvement.”

Providing a good indication of which businesses have strong customer satisfaction ratings, the Australian Business Quality Awards bestows the Bronze Award to enterprises that garner a score of 70% to 80%, the Silver Award for an 80% to 90% score, and the prestigious Gold Award for a score of 90% or higher.

A complete list of the winners is available at