Interactive Panel – Trade In System

We offer a “TRADE IN / BUY BACK” service for faulty units or just to upgrade the classroom panel to the latest technology.

A sliding scale (see below) of age of warranty on the older Direct National Panels, that would be credited against the new replacement panel of Newline Q Series.
* Top selling interactive panel in the USA.

If you would like to upgrade the panels, we would normally have the panel on freight to you within 72 hours. All products are available on the SOA.

newline q series interactive panel

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Direct National ProductTrade-In ValueTrade-In ValueTrade-In ValueTrade-In Value
From Purchase Date0-12 Months12-24 Months24-36 Months36-48 Months
SmartPad 55" (Non Andriod)nananana
SmartPad 65" (Andriod)$615.60$638.40$798.00$957.60
SmartPad 70" (Andriod)$1,125.90$1,167.60$1,459.50$1,751.40
SmartPad 75" (Andriod)$945.00$980.00$1,225.00$1,470.00
SmartPad 86" (Andriod)$1,156.95$1,199.80$1,499.75$1,799.70

Newline Q Series Interactive Panel Features

newline q series interactive panel features

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