Promote Collaborative Learning and Sharing Seamlessly between Teachers and Students

Students are no longer passive learners in the classroom. Explore our range of interactive technology designed to enhance lesson content and connect students actively with learning.

Direct National, proud sponsors of the SBMAQ, have been supporting and supplying to schools across Australia with their technology, office equipment and STEM resources for over 25 years. We work directly with the end users to ensure we are equipping the school with equipment that will be most suitable .

We are more than just a supplier. It is our unique approach to customer service. after sales training and support that allows us to STAND OUT and be the supplier you need. We are big enough to do the job, small enough to care.

How to take your Classroom to the next level

Interactive learning with a SMARTPAD is a hands-on teaching method designed to engage students and increase the amount of social interaction between teachers and students

Dynamic Content             Hands-on learning          Stimulating and Rewarding

What is interactive learning?

Students are no longer passive learners in the classroom and the SMARTPAD interactive touch panel is an effective tool connecting students actively with their work via dynamic lesson content, bold imagery, and user-friendly hands-on programs designed to enhance learning. It is in utilising interactive learning equipment effectively which completes the holistic educational experience for teachers and students. Instantly share content and feedback between classrooms and from school to home environments opening up opportunities which previously weren’t possible. SMARTPAD supported interactive digital play-based learning allows teachers to enhance their lessons, making learning fun, stimulating and rewarding for children.

Interactive learning is a hands-on/real life approach to education founded upon building student engagement through guided social interaction.

The ONE major benefit to a SMARTPAD interactive panel

Customise design your panel layout and content

Think of the SMARTPAD interactive panel as an all-in-one tool primed and ready for you to plan lesson content, collaborate ideas, drag, drop, swipe, and click your way through all your cleverly curated class material. This means your teaching style shines and your classroom content flows with ease. Custom designing your SMARTPAD panel layout and content to support your teaching style will minimise interruption will keep your day organised. Think of the panel as your calendar, notepad, visual diary, lesson planner, video and reference library, and to-do list all rolled into one.

Why integrate a SMARTPAD to support learning in your school?

Teacher – Peer connection         Collaborative group learning     Transition learning tasks

An interactive SMARTPAD panel provides students and educators with a real-time learning experience and access to worldwide information at the touch of your fingertips. Learning and sharing through tactile, visual and auditory stimulation – problem solving, retaining information, involving all students in the class in a group lesson.  Integrating a SMARTPAD is a vibrant way to blend all your learning styles throughout the week.


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Direct National is more than just a supplier. It is our unique approach to customer service that sets us apart from the rest. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our customers desires and to develop effective solutions that reflect their business and lifestyle aspirations.



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Collaborative learning

Using the latest touch and interactive apps, the SMARTPAD promotes connection with peers, supports group dynamics with collaborative learning where children can touch the screen to add their own mark, right down to feeling included in the overall learning process boosting self confidence. Our SMARTPAD is a clever tool allowing all students to participate and feel part of a team. This tool also provides teachers with real-time feedback for students and face-to-face guidance with the teacher and student.

If you can use a smart phone you can use our latest Smart-Pad:GEN2, its that easy!

Transitioning children from one activity to another with minimal distraction can be supported with our SMARTPAD apps keeping students engaged and stimulated making the process fun, creative and user friendly. Why not ask your students to open the next session? Or perhaps you can sidestep and open up a sensory fun musical app to get their bodies moving and their minds stimulated. Our SMARTPAD allows you to adapt your lesson plan in real time – so if you need plan B, it’s a click away.

Free-play to structured learning

From a very young age, free play allows children to learn a number of developmental skills critical to navigating through life. Transitioning from free play into a much more structured learning practice can be hard for some children to adapt to. Our SMARTPAD can support transition learning with various calming or upbeat stimuli’s depending on the teachers needs.

Online interactive technology promotes the overlooked student-led experience allowing everyone to learn at their own pace. It helps children develop self-awareness and understand their strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, they will associate learning with a feeling of independence.

Learning through interaction also encourages self expression, problem-solving, self-esteem and character building. The SMARTPAD is now available for purchase under the QEDSOA-71 789-5. Enquire with our office today for a no obligation demonstration at your school.

Face to face time with students

While interactive technology is designed to support teachers and students in learning there is a lot of talk about ‘screen time’ and the restrictions of face to face learning time with the introduction of technology of any kind into learning spaces.

The intention behind introducing a SMARTPAD panel into your classroom is best seen as another highly engaging tool for the teacher to use for lesson planning and presentations. The technology is only as good as the teacher using it. This is why Direct national supports end users with training and updates to ensure the SMARTPAD is optimised in the classroom.

There is also potential for the SMARTPAD to assist the teaching by acting as an independent learning aid where students can sort through problems in a group, prepare a presentation, watch educational movies, practice mindfulness with an app (such as calm), and perhaps even disengage students who are distracted and need support to refocus.

Product Showcase

65″ Smart-Pad: GEN 2 Interactive Touch Screen

An interactive SMARTPAD panel provides students and educators with a real-time learning experience and access to worldwide information at the touch of your fingertips. Learning and sharing through tactile, visual and auditory stimulation – problem solving, retaining information, involving all students in the class in a group lesson. Integrating a SMARTPAD is a vibrant way to blend all your learning styles throughout the week

Intergrated Design

Android with option of all Windows systems. Mirracast built in and Wifi built in.


Robust Finish

Strong smooth steel frame, 4ml thick Anti-glare glass


Professional development for ongoing support

At Direct National we offer continued support and training to ensure you get the most out of your products. Our goal is for your school to have a seamless approach to integrative technology with ease of use.

Please get in touch with our office if you would like to book a training session or need support. (insert enquiry form? Or email?)

How to integrate our SMARTPAD panels into your school

Our SMARTPAD is very adaptable to suit your needs through various customisable features and inclusions. We supply various panel sizes and application methods to best suit your environment, learning needs and teacher requirements.

For fixed stand alone solutions we recommend (wall mount/height adjustable wall mounts)

For flexible learning and shared equipment we recommend height adjustable trolleys. This enables greater flexibility in sharing the equipment between rooms and allows the ergonomic height of the touch panel to be changed to suit the teacher’s height and their student’s heights.

The benefits or interactive touch panels for teachers

  • If you can use a smart phone, you can use our SMARTPAD panel
  • All-in-one tech solution for lesson creativity and delivering engaging lessons
  • Customisable interface to allow for good lesson flow and user friendly designed layout
  • Sharing work or results with teaching staff to collaborate or parents to develop community and connection
  • Provide feedback to students instantly either from within the classroom or remote learning. Increasing the connection and communication between teacher student relationships
  • Positively engage students with SMARTPAD apps to engage open discussions with students presenting and the rest of the class
  • Prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow by using interactive tech tools they need to develop critical problem solving and thinking skills
  • ‘break-up’ periods of learning using the SMARTPAD as a flexible tool

The benefits or interactive touch panels for children

When students are actively engaged, they think deeper about the lesson content, and they enjoy their learning.

  • Increased student engagement and performance, making learning fun!
  • Multi-sensory learning – engage students through tactile, visual and auditory stimulation
  • Support active learning – allowing students to actively participate in the learning process
  • Multi-touch allows students to collaborate in learning. Everyone feels included in brainstorming ideas, developing solutions, or adding their ideas to the class
  • Enhance presentations – allow students to talk, walk, drag, drop, annotate, colour and play as they present their work either on their own or as a team
  • Boost enthusiasm and engagement – encourage students to be courageous and bold with their ideas. Add excitement to the classroom has a positive reaction
  • Provide instant feedback to students and families
  • Creates a community and a shared common focus for students


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