Standing Offer Arrangement for the Provision of Interactive Technology

Eligible SOA Customers

  • Queensland State Schools
  • Queensland Non-State Schools
  • Queensland School Parent and Citizens Associations (both State and Non-State)
  • All Local Government Departments, Government owned Corporations and Statutory Bodies.

As purchasing from Standing Offer Arrangements (SOA) is first choice for Queensland Schools, DoE Corporations and other Eligible Customers, Direct National’s promise is to deliver the highest standard of service and exceptional value for money solutions.

Under the QEDSOA 71789 5, Direct National has been approved for the supply, delivery, installation and support of interactive technologies.

Included in this agreement is Smart-Pad products owned and managed by Direct National Pty Ltd, Epson projection solutions and a range of mounting options and accessories to further support the use of interactive technologies.

Why choose Direct national as your preferred supplier?

Direct National Pty Ltd established in 1995, has supplied over 10,000 technology solutions throughout Queensland.

During this period, we have seen the evolution of interactive solutions and have established relationships with School Administrators, Facility Managers, Business Managers and Educators. These relationships have given us a unique insight into the varying requirements of our customers.

By engaging Direct National Pty Ltd as your preferred supplier you will gain:

  • A stable and experienced provider of quality interactive technology.
  • The highest quality equipment, validated by an extensive warranty period.
  • A Queensland-based, and owned, company.
  • A partner that is intimately familiar with the Education processes.
  • Local installation, service and support.
  • A tier one distributor of projection systems.

An Australian company that has strong, long term, influential ties to the manufacturer of its equipment, with quality control on-site at the manufacturer’s facilities and input into research and development.

When choosing interactive technology solutions you need quality, stability and genuine prices.

Direct National will support you, on your way to success!

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