STEM aligned with the Australian Curriculum

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) touch every aspect of today’s world.

By channelling the passion for change and innovation, Students are now engaging in STEM Education. This new curriculum will be giving Students the opportunities they need to become problems solvers, critical and creative thinkers in the advanced digital and technological world of tomorrow.

At Direct National, we have made it easier for Educators, Students and Parents to decide what STEM equipment they need, by aligning our products to the Australia Curriculum. This alignment alongside our new and emerging technologies will assist in executing new curriculum requirements into learning spaces.

Our challenge is to ensure we prepare every young Queenslander to take advantage of the many opportunities a knowledge-based economy offers and become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. By utilising the many different models and curriculum outlines we can get the best results for our future.

With our products, we have now got the resources for educators to deliver real-world experimental investigations within their learning spaces such as construction using robotics and coding using products like Littlebits.