Epson Interactive Data Projectors


Interactive projectors systems are becoming increasing popular and are widely implemented throughout education facilities and now more commonly used within the corporate world.

By incorporating such technology creates a more imaginative and engaging lesson, meeting and/or presentation. There are many benefits of using an interactive projector, whether that be for teaching or using in a meeting to better collaborate with your colleges, clients and so much more.

Interactive projectors keep your audience intrigued and engaged during your presentation. It also give a chance for the audience to become more involved and participate and collaborate with certain activities. interactivity promotes teamwork and will build a strong bond between the participants of your presentation, if this is ongoing, lets say a classroom or meeting room, you are actively building a stronger team environment with the use of interactivity which in turn will show more productivity, effective and commendable learning outcomes.

The Epson interactive software is second to none and further more enhances your overall interactive experience and productivity with the file sharing capabilities, gone are the days of quickly scribbling down notes before the whiteboard is wiped clean.

Below we have listed our recommended interactive projectors, if these projectors do not fit your requirements please call through to our customer support team as they will be able to customise a projector system for your space.

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