BenQ Interactive Flat Panel’s

Fostering Healthy Learning Environments 

Germ-Resistant Screens

Germ-resistant screens are SGS Certified, covered with a multi-layer coating of a non-toxic, durable nano-ionic silver agent which can kill most bacteria and viruses on contact.

Flicker-Free Technology 

Reducing CVS-related eye problems and helps alleviate any discomfort caused by looking at a screen for long periods. 

TUV-Certified Low Blue Light Technology

The added, Passive infrared motion sensor can detect people coming in close range of the device and activate the low blue light function automatically.

Anti-Glare Display

Reducing reflection, giving the best viewing experience. more legible text and clearer images with the reduction of eye strain.

4K Ultra HD Resolution

Software Solutions


Developed by BenQ, InstaQShare is a software designed for seamless wireless presentation and collaboration during lectures and meetings. 


Annotation Tool- Handwritting recognition, video recording, cooperation tools, Multi-touch interactivity, Data-to-go (save your annotations as images)


Design teaching lessons and documents. Use compatible teaching templates and or start fresh.

Floating Toolbar and Toolbox

Floating on-screen toolbar allows you immediate access to a range of functions including print screen, record, screen capture, eraser, pen and whiteboard function. Your toolbox is equipped with essential needs i.e calculator, team post and so much more

20 Points of Touch 

User Friendly Design

Intergrated Audio

Front facing speakers and pen tray. 

Smart Account Management System

BenQ’s interactive flat panel support multi account management through NFC technology. allowing users to directly access their person system settings and folders by simply scanning their ID cards with built-in sensors, as well as easily lock screens when not in use. Smart AMS also offers instant access to major cloud storage services without the use of passwords.

NFC Pen and sensor

With a simple tap of the NFC Pen to the sensor you instantly activate EZWrite and begin to annotate. The NFC Pen is lightweight, dust and water proof with no required pairing. 

Instant Plug-in and Play

Simply connect your PC or USB without manual installation and/or setup required. 


Display Management and Connectivity

Multi-Media Device Connectivity

6 USB ports, Slot-in-PC Port, HDMI 2.0 and HDMI-OUT, VGA, Display port and much more 

Multi-Platform Compatability

The BenQ Interactive flat panel work seamlessly with a wide range of computing and mobile devices running major operating systems. MAC Windows, Linux and Chrome.

Display Management Support

Multiple display administrator allows school IT to remotely control the general display setting of the Interactive Flat Panel and can schedule their on/off times creating hassle free maintenance. 


 The RP Series is designed to tap into the dynamic possibilities of the classroom and help educators build healthy and engaging learning environments. Installed with proficient annotation tools for enhanced participation- This is the ultimate interactive display to achieve a touch-enhanced, smooth and fun learning experience.

Available in 55″, 65″, 70″, 75″ and 86″ you will find the perfect screen for every room and their requirements.

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