Interactive-Technology-InstallationWe offer customised product installation with all of our Interactive Technology equipment.

The benefits of considering product installation are numerous:

  • Ensuring correct installation procedures are carried out as per our manufacturers guidelines
  • We offer project management from purchase order to hand over
  • After hours installation work is available to avoid disruption to your day
  • Confirmation by trade qualified electricians your equipment works as specified at hand over
  • Certified Professional Development programs are available from experienced and qualified staff
  • Our team of licenced electricians have been trained under the DEET guidelines, ensuring all our installations abide by industry regulations for all Queensland Education installs.
  • GITC Certification and QASSURE Certification

We can provide you with an endless list of happy QLD & NSW schools. With over 8,000 rooms installed in classrooms across QLD & NSW over the past 15 years, you can purchase in confidence through Direct National.