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Qscout- Robobloq x5 Classroom Pack

$799.00 ex. GST

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Robobloq Q-Scout x5 packs – Being easy to build and play, Qscout is the perfect STEM robot kit for those who first enter the robotics and maker world. It has modular design with compatibility to multiple sensors and electronic modules. A drag-and-drop programming interface makes it an ideal tool for kids to learn coding.

This kit is suitable 1 student.

• Modular design

• Transformable
• Programmable on Windows 7+, Mac 10.9+, iOS 8+, Android 4.4+
• Drag and drop coding
• Based on Arduino platform
• Ultrasonic sensor
• Total Parts: 65
• Wireless control over Bluetooth 4.0 using Robobloq App
• Item Size: 125mm x 232 mm x 190 mm
• Item Weight : 1027g
• Recomended Age : 8+


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