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QOOPER’S- Robobloq 24 x Classroom Package (8x Qoopers)

$2,279.00 ex. GST

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Qoopers is the Coolest Metal Smart Robot for STEM Education. It has modular design and can switch to more than 6 different forms.

It is powerful with rich extension capability, Qoopers is popular with a wide range of ages.

You can connect Lego to Robobloq– pick up your Lego blocks and play them the new way! Stack them on Qoopers and make a colorful robot!

This kit is suitable for 1-3 students.

• Modular design

• Transformable

• Programmable on Windows 7+, Mac 10.9+, iOS 8+, Android 4.4+

• Based on Arduino platform

• Ultrasonic sensor

• Total Parts: 174

• Wireless control over Bluetooth 4.0 using Robobloq App

• Item Size: 47mm x 235 mm x 219 mm

• Item Weight : 1880g

• Recomended Age : 8+


6 Variations available

• Captain Alloy
• The Cavalier
• The Voyager
• Scorpiod
• Li’l Guardian
• The Dozer


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