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Epson ELP-DC12

Epson is pleased to introduce the Epson ELP-DC12 Visualiser. This flexible product enables users to turn their existing projector into a fully interactive Education creativity tool. The ELP-DC12 has a sleek, portable and flexible design, with great security features allowing it to be permanently placed in a classroom or carried from room to room. The Visualiser has an easy-to-use interface and numerous I/O ports.

Teachers can use the ELP-DC12 to demonstrate the view from a microscope. Showing a dissection in biology class or displaying a historical artifact projected in beautiful detail onto the big screen. Use it to display a lesson live to the projector screen, capture video footage or still images, or simply as a replacement to an overhead projector. Now with bundled advanced application software, a great zoom module, and a built-in microphone, users can take advantage of features such as live annotation, video recording with audio, image capturing and the time lapse function. With Full HD (1080p) output through HDMI, lessons have never looked better.


  • Remarkable image quality – New Larger optical sensor provides sharp, clear images.
  • Deliver powerful lessons with amazing detail – 16x digital zoom.
  • Future Ready connectivity – HDMI digital connectivity for high-quality video content.
  • Microphone built in – Capture audio/video lessons for future reference.
  • Microscope Adaptor Included – Connect directly to your microscope & share the microscopic events with the whole class.
  • Powerful storage capability – Store captured images and video onto SD card, USB device or the 1GB internal memory.
  • PC Free Annotation – Connect a mouse or Control Device directly via the USB-A port and annotate on the live image, without a PC. Built-in toolbar software will become active.
  • Time Lapse – Capture the growth of a plant, or organic process over an extended period by setting the camera to combine images taken into a video file.
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