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Epson ELP-CB02 Cable Management & Connection Box


  • Centralised Control Box – manage your Epson short-throw or ultra-short-throw projector (power, AV mute, volume, sources; wall mounted, no remote control needed.
  • Optimised for connectivity – supports an array of sources, including 2 HDMI inputs for displaying content from high-definition devices, connect the latest MHL-enabled smartphone or tablet via MHL cable.
  • Consolidated Cable Management – convenient wall placement helps avoid potential hazards.
    Increased Flexibility – use as an extension box to expand the range of your cables.
  • Easy Operation – large, individual source buttons intuitively match Epson projector inputs.
    Amplify Instruction – optional speakers boost sound and ensure the entire class can hear the lesson.

Centralised Control Box

The Epson ELP-CB02 Connection and Control Box, is a solution that offers extensive control of multimedia sources connected to Epson's wall-mounted short-throw and ultra-short-throw classroom projectors. The ELP-CB02 gives teachers one convenient place to connect and manage audio and video sources such as computers, Blu-Ray players, iPods, and more.

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