Laminate Rolls

High quality copolymer resin is used in all Direct National laminating film products.  The copolymer resin is crystal clear and has higher adhesion properties. This resin adds to the bonding strength making our branded film more durable and clear. 

Direct National Rolls are matched in pairs and are labelled ‘Top’ and “Bottom’. Direct National is the only company to do this and it eliminates corner to corner curling. Our company laminate rolls contain anti-static properties therefore reducing the attracted dust and/or lint; this also ensures that the operator does not suffer from electric shocks which are mainly due to static build up.

Laminating film thickness is measured in microns. The most commonly used thickness is 80 micron, high quality films have a thick polyester and thin resin coating, which is why better quality laminating film is ‘stiffer’ to bend. Direct National 80 micron film is made up of 50 microns photo-grade polyester and 30 microns of resin. That is why it is stiff and wonderfully clear. Our film has been pre-stretched this is crucial in saving wear and tear on your machines motors and gears.

At Direct National we not only supply second to none laminate film; we will make sure you are constantly maximising your savings with our guaranteed price beat.

We have a huge range products available in many sizes and microns, so if  are unable to find your required product below please call our office 07 3352 4222