Laminate Pouches

Direct National Pouches are individually pressed from two rolls of pre-stretched polyester. This means you get the exact size and this will eliminate the ‘waves’ that can occur in cheap guillotine cut pouches.

 Our laminate contains anti-static properties reducing the attracted dust and/or lint; this also ensures that the operator does not suffer from electric shocks which are mainly due to static build up. Our film has been pre-stretched, this is crucial in saving wear and tear on your machines motors and gears. It is recommended that you invest in quality laminate pouches rather than a new machine every year.

At Direct National we not only supply second to none laminate film; we will make sure you are constantly maximising your savings with our guaranteed price beat.

We have a huge range products available so if  are unable to find your required product below please call our office 07 3352 4222 so we can help with your requirements.