Easiteach Next Generation

A natural progression for E-learning. Used daily in over 30 000 classrooms across the country.

The Vision

RM Easiteach Next Generation is a software application that allows teachers to build rich and engaging interactive activities that deliver inspiring learning experiences and that utilise the best interactive technologies available. These experiences are shared across the world and many people contribute to the growing set of tools, resources and features so that even more people will experience the engagement and inspiration bought about by great learning.


The release of RM Easiteach Next Generation is the first step toward realizing the vision. It embraces a new application architecture that allows more features to be easily added. From the outset it supports many languages. The tool bar system has been replaced by a more sophisticated ribbon bar that provides rapid access to commonly used functions in just a couple of touches. Much of the ‘Curriculum’ functionality is carried over from the previous Easiteach software, but each element is rewritten to take advantage of the new application.

Media and Licensing

Each license of RM Easiteach Next Generation will require a unique product key. Each order of RM Easiteach Next Generation will come with a Customer Reference Number, this can be used to register the product online, followed by an email with your license key. The license key is provided within a license certificate. It is a proof of license and is to be used to activate the software registration process.


RM Easiteach will be continuously updated with new widgets and functionalities. Users are automatically notified of updates and the delivery mechanism is via the Easiteach World Website.


One of the great things about Easiteach Next Generation is that is has been built to support multiple languages. New languages will be released on a regular basis.


RM Easiteach is simple to learn and use, it will also work well with many other RM Products including Easi-Speak, Tuff-Cam, Tuff-Scope etc. RM Easiteach World, a new supporting website will arrive soon and provide access to new resources, content and new functions in the form of mini-applications called widgets. It is a global resource covering all the regions around the world where Easiteach products are sold.


 System Requirements

Minimum Recommended
Operating System Standalone computers using Windows®XP SP3 (32 Bit), Windows Vista™ (32 or64 Bit) or Windows 7 (32 or 64 Bit) Standalone computers usingWindows 7 (32 or 64 Bit)
Processor 1.8GHz+ 2.5GHz+
Memory 512MB 1GB
Storage (to install) 500MB 4GB
(in use) 500MB 1GB
Graphics card 64MB 256MB
Screen 1024×768 1024×768 or above

The following prerequisites are required:

  • Microsoft® .Net Framework 3.5 SP1
  • Microsoft® .Net Framework 4 Client Profile
  • Flash Player v10 for non‐Internet Explorer® browsers
  • Windows® Media Player 11 or above


Product Fulfillment

  1. After ordering Easiteach Next Generation you will receive the software CD and Customer Reference Number instructions (Including URL for registration)
  2. You will need to use your Customer Reference Number to register your license for Easiteach Next Generation
  3. Once you have registered your software you will receive an email with a license and Product Registration Key
  4. Once you start to use the software you will need to enter the Product Registration Key (after 30 days) in order to continue using the software.

Easiteach Next Generation Key Features

The latest in whiteboard software, designed to help create and deliver motivational and engaging lessons. Compatible with any interactive whiteboard Easiteach enables users to create personalized lessons and resources from scratch as well as access a wide range of content that can be used or adapted to suit your own needs. Easiteach Next Generation has a range of key features, which make it the ideal software application for whatever hardware your school may use for whole class teaching purposes including:


Easiteach Next Generation will be available for users in a wide variety of languages, with settings easily changed depending on which language you want to work with. Languages available include: English, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish, US English, Mandarin, French, German, Catalan, Basque, Galician, Dutch, Polish, Italian and Spanish. More languages will be added in the coming months.

Easiteach makes it simple to swap between languages too, by making it a selection from within the ‘e’ menu. Once selected the new language takes immediate effect.


Easiteach works on all interactive whiteboards as well as other forms of hardware equipment used for teaching for example wireless slates (including the new RM ePad), netbooks or voting devices. This means that no matter what equipment is used in your school, Easiteach can ensure consistency for training, teaching and sharing resources. The ability to import and export Easiteach documents as .IWB files also means you can read and edit content from other software providers that support the format.

Media bank

Easiteach’s localised and searchable media bank comprises over 4,500 curriculum-based resources including over 70 videos. In addition users can add to their ‘my media’ section of the media bank.


Supports object manipulation on multi-touch devices (Microsoft Windows 7).

Record sound and video

You have the ability to record sound and video directly on to a page. Using the media bank tools you can capture images (using a Twain device, such as the RM Easi-scope or RM Easi-view), record sounds and record videos using your computer’s microphone or webcam and they’ll be added to the media bank.

If you have external recording devices such as an RM Easi-Speak or an RM Tuff-cam the files they create can easily be added directly to a page or added to the ‘my media’ section of the media bank.

Text-to-speech capabilities

Type letters, words and sentences on to a page and listen to them being read back to you. This function will feature a wide variety of languages, with voices provided by our partner, Acapela.

Handwriting and Shape Recognition

Write words or draw shapes freehand and Easiteach’s writing and shape recognition tools will recognise your markings. The handwriting recognition utilises Microsoft very capable recognition engine included in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Widget bank

Access a range mini-applications that deliver additional rich functionality such as a calculator, clock, periodic table, protractor, picture reveal, dice, random item generator, navigator, Sudoku game, Word Search game and many more. There are currently over 20 widgets available in the bank with more to be added with each new release!

Easily-accessible toolbars

Designed to make the functionality you want easier to find and aid cross-curricular use.

Language tools

E.g. cloze tool, remove punctuation and word wallet

Numeracy tools

E.g. number lines and number grids

Activity packs

Easiteach comes with a range of content as standard. There over 150 interactives, lessons and templates to help you produce engaging lessons.